Vol. XI, Issue 2

Spring 2016



Michael Mullaney, Arah Ko, Namrata Geisinger, Josepha Natzke, Anna Trujillo, Morgan Young, Hannah Wong, Lydia Nelson, Esther Kao, Nicholas Westberg

Letter From the Editor:

Womb was chosen for the season’s theme because it is graspable simply as a physical structure, and is yet unavoidably charged with mean- ings. So we hoped it would inspire a wide range of interesting work

from our fellow students. It did, and we think you will find a diversity of cool takes on the idea represented in the following pages.

The choice of womb also happens to reflect our present state as a publi- cation. Having just celebrated our tenth birthday, we are not exactly embry- onic. But the last few semesters have been a true starting-over, since The Pub has begun to grow into a new identity as the academic (rather than, formerly, the literary) journal on campus. The change, inspired by looking back at our founders’ writing on the lack of a dependable venue for student essays beyond the classroom at Wheaton, does not mean we will no longer publish poetry, narrative, or art. It just means more essays. That is why this issue is a hefty of 47 pages long, compared to last semester’s 36 pages. Gradually and maybe awkwardly, we are fitting in more academic essays of varying length and style, stretching both binding and budget. It is a discomfort not unlike that of a womb being streched by a kid who’s getting a little too big. But to become such a space for our friends, to offer their papers a “life after the grading pen,” is a joy and an honor, and worth the slight ungainliness.


Ellen Misloski