Vol. XXI, Issue 1

Spring 2022



Madi Kim, Sally Li, Mattea Gernentz, Eliza Lumiere, Megan Kim, Monik Flores, Grace Cumbee, Naomi Talbott, Dontay M. Givens, Caroline Park, Ethan Hesse, Charles Hermesmann, Lars Johnson, Jemma Alumbaugh, McKenna Kjelshus, Monica Colón, Diego Hernandez

Letter From the Editor:

Out of nothing does not mean

into nothing.

- “Insertion of Meadow with Flowers” by Mary Syzbist

After a long winter, spring has finally shone its face upon Wheaton. The rejoicing of birds signals the morning and the sun lingers in a pink sky until the late evening comes. We have traversed the dark journey so that we can encounter peace in a new light. We have come out nothing and stepped into something.

What are you stepping into? Which route will you take tomorrow? Who unexpectedly entered your life this year? Why did you say “yes” to that invitation? When should I pick you up? Each day we arrive somewhere—be it at a conclusion, a new airport, an inevitable conversation, or a dead end. What did it take to get there and what are you going to do now? Our contributors, broader community, and student staff explore these ongoing questions both within and beyond the pages of this publication—I hope that you’ll join us.

This issue of The Pub seeks to allow readers to celebrate the distances they’ve traveled, fantasize about the journeys ahead, and find contentment in the waiting.

Welcome to “Arrival.”


Raven C. Cullo