Vol. XIII, Issue 2

Spring 2018

Spring 2018


Arah Ko, Is Perkins, Alexandra Rivera, Andy Ketch, Nathaniel Perrin, Michal Gliszewski, Amanda Laky, Jonathan Wright, Sam Beattie, Thomas Wilder, Madeline Ruch

Letter From the Editor:

There are two necessary components of conversation: question asking and receptivity to a variety of proposed answers. In this issue of The Pub, the various works are beautifully united by the depth of their participation in these two parts of conversation. As the new Editor-in-Chief of The Pub, I find this cohesiveness particularly exciting because of the way it reflects what I hope to be a motivating force behind this publication. The Pub seeks to be more than just a print journal. It seeks to be a culture that is both nurtured by conversation and that seeks to create a further place for conversation in the Wheaton community.

In this issue of The Pub, we have included various works of visual art, poetry, and narrative all of which cause me to ask serious questions about my relationship with a variety of objects and modes as well as to offer tentative answers:

To what extent is my integration with my environment an intuitive reaction to its various elements. Or, is it rather a purposeful move- ment in a particular direction? How ought I to consider my interactions with other people? How are different levels of permanence and proximity expressed by different media in visual art? What is the artist saying about our relationship to time when different media are interwoven together in one work? And a question which I find particularly pressing: What ought we to desire?

We have also included two essays and an interview which, while raising important questions for the reader, present firmer directions by which to proceed in conversational engagement.

As you engage with the work in this issue of The Pub, take time to consider the questions which it brings to your attention and perhaps consider how you can further engage these questions within your particular community.

Sadie McCloud